8 Ways to Change Your Mood by Changing Your Mindset

8 Ways to Change Your Mood by Changing Your Mindset

People often underestimate the power of their beliefs. Research shows our beliefs strongly affect what we want and rather we succeed in getting it. Simply put, your mindset is everything. Your mindset (thoughts, beliefs, and expectations) dictate how you live your life, and the choices you make every day. Changing your mindset can change your mood and change your life. Here are 8 ways to change your mindset in order to change your mood. Remember, moods aren’t just things that happen to us. We can influence our mood and change it. 

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

- Albert Einstein 

  1. Program: Get into the habit of redirecting your thought to positivity. To do that you need to understand what you are feeling. Ask yourself “what am I feeling?”. You can not understand your mood without first understanding your feelings and thought process. Once you have identified your feelings accept them and tell yourself it's time to release or move past. 
  2. Purpose: Become clear with yourself about your purpose. Ask yourself “what result(s) am I seeking?”.  Being blunt about your expected outcome is sure to assist in directing your steps toward success. Remember, your purpose (as defined by Dictionary.com) is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.
  3. Place: Where do you feel most comfortable, motivated, and focused? I believe the locations can become signature and reentering that space can incite different moods. Theoretically, when you’re at the library you know it’s time to study. When you are at work you know you need to start and complete a specific task. Try assigning locations a specific moods. Do your yoga routine in the same location every day and I can almost guarantee that space will become sacred. 
  4. People: We have all heard quotes about how your inner circle can affect your mood and vibe. Set the tone amongst your friends as the one that motivates and uplifts everyone. Either they will follow your lead or it’s time to fill your circle with different people. Also, sometimes just thinking about a person that motivates you can put you in the right mood to achieve your goals. 
  5. Playlist: Music is one of the best mood changers. The lyrics beat, and/or rhythm are all components of a song that can affect your mood. Research has shown that even sad music can lift your mood. Studies have also suggested a correlation between listening to music boost happiness and lower anxiety. Create a playlist that promotes the mindset you would like to enter and direct your thought to that desired mood. 
  6. Posture: Did you know you can move your body into the right mood? Completing exercises such as yoga can help you focus on your posture and strengthen your core. Try yoga before bed to promote a restful state which can help you sleep. This is often a result of the breathing, stretching, and soothing activities required for yoga. Exercises that increase your heart rate will boost your energy. 
  7. Promotion: Remember to use your inner voice. You can encourage yourself to enter certain mindsets by using what’s called self-talk. Dr. Marvin L. Galvin said “Self-talk doesn't just create the mindset that supports your mood, it also helps you keep a mood going. That's why pep talks work so well for athletes.” Consider this next time and become your biggest motivation when encouragement is needed. 
  8. Protest: Last but not least, protest any negative thoughts outside of your mind. You can undo the negative thoughts that invade the good thoughts to promote a bad mood. Change your location or posture to escape bad energy. Also, remember to breathe and make a conscious decision to change your mood by changing your mindset. 


Always remember you are responsible for defining your mood. When life becomes challenging and you find yourself in a bad mood, utilize one of these 8 techniques to change your mood by changing your mindset. You have the power to change situations in life by changing your mindset.


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